Marine Construction

Axiom specializes in the construction of mooring cells, dolphins, docks and wharfs. These structures are typically found along the inland waterways and are used to fleet, load and unload equipment and material.

Power generating stations, bulk unloading facilities, and barge shipping facilities typically need this type of structure. Periodically, these types of structures need to be retained or enlarged to suit the needs of the customer. Axiom is also capable of providing repair and maintenance for these types of marine facilities.

When your construction operations take place in or near the water, a cofferdam is a simple solution. Cofferdams are watertight structures designed to facilitate construction projects in areas which are normally submerged. Sheet piles are driven into soil or to rock, using equipment on land or on a barge. A bracing system is installed to resist lateral loads, and a dewatering system is used to remove the water in order to allow the construction to proceed.

When the excavation is large and a single wall braced cofferdam is impractical, cellular cofferdams can be an effective solution. They are a series of interlinked sheet pile cells filled with free-draining granular material. Using its width and mass, cellular cofferdams are designed as a gravity structure to resist lateral forces.

Axiom has been utilizing open Sheet Pile Technology in open cell bulkheads for typically land based operations, primarily used for waterfront structures. They include flat sheet piles, wye connectors and anchor piles. When completed, the finished structure is seen as a series of U-shapes when viewed from above. These structures provide high performance with minimal sheet pile toe embedment, providing a cost effective marine construction solution.