Goettle performs drilling in support of its grouting services as well as performing standalone drilling projects. Our drilling experience includes top drive rotary percussive, top drive rotary, down-hole-hammer, wire-line core drilling, and thinwall core drilling. Our drillers have performed drilling up to several thousand feet in depth and up to 18 inches in hole diameter. Typical applications for our drilling services include:Instrumentation installation (piezometers, inclinometers, etc.)Site characterizationExploratory DrillingGallery drain hole drilling and cleaningMany of Goettle’s drilling projects involve difficult access. When Owners, General Contractors, or other Drilling Contractors can’t figure out how to get holes in required locations, they often call on Goettle. Goettle’s ability to perform these projects relies on three factors: we have experienced personnel who can safely establish site access structures, we have equipment that can be utilized in restricted access areas, or we have the capability to modify or build equipment to suite the access restrictions. Our personnel have performed drilling operations in structures with less than 5 ft of working room and thousands of feet from power and personnel access. We commonly performed work within dam galleries, on dam faces and spillways, and within tunnels and adits of all sizes.